Ambassator Program

Interested in representing MOD Darling? Love our products and want to earn free clothing and get a discount on purchases? Love encouraging and empowering other women? We're looking for you!

Join our Ambassador Team!

Ambassadors must comply with all of the following guidelines to stay in the program:

1. Post two different images per month in an MOD Darling item to the following places:

  1. MOD Darling Private Facebook Group (MOD VIP)
  2. MOD Darling Business Facebook Page
  3. Your personal social media pages tagging MOD Darling

Photo Requirements:

  •  Photo must be high quality with good lighting
  • Please make the item into an outfit to show how it can be styled
  • Caption must include something positive about the item, and a recommendation about checking out the brand linking them back to our Facebook page/group and/or website
  • Add your personal Ambassador referral code in the post on YOUR social medias only (posts made in the group/page can’t include referral codes because they are already prospect/customers)
  • Photos posted can be in the same item but the photo itself must be completely different (different setting, etc.)

2. Ambassadors must put effort in every month to refer others to our brand to continue in the program. This can include:

  • Posting pictures in our items
  • Getting sales off of your Ambassador referral code
  • Adding new members to the MOD group
  • Sharing our group/page/website with others
  • Wearing our items in public

3. Ambassadors must be active in the private VIP Facebook group. Group engagement is one of the best ways to get posts to show up in member’s news feeds, when posts go untouched, they don’t have much reach. This is a way you can truly make a BIG impact for MOD Darling.

  • Ambassadors must comment AND “react” on admin posts and member posts as frequently as possible (turning on group notifications helps with this!)
  • Comment words of excitement on new items
  • Comment or “react” for feedback on possible items
  • Post words of encouragement and love on others posts/photos


Ambassadors will receive the following discounts and rewards throughout the program:

 1. 20% off discount on every purchase (excluding sale and final sale items because these are already extremely discounted)

 2. Ambassadors will receive a referral code and every time someone uses your code you will earn a point which gets you closer to FREE items.


  • Your referral code gives a new customer 15% off of their first purchase
  • Every order made off of your referral code gets you 1 point
  • Every month you are an ambassador you get 1 point
  • 15 points = free item of choice (every 15 points after also gets you a free item)
  • Referral code orders must be from new customers to count (be sure to tell them to use your code so you get the points!)
  • First ones to know about new inventory options, what will be stocked, and first dibs on any of the items before anyone else

 3. Ability to help assist at events for free points/item(s) in return for your work (style sessions coming soon!)

 4. Opportunity to be in photoshoots, promo videos, and live events

 5. A positive Girl Gang to be a part of!

 6. Random shout outs of appreciation because I DO appreciate you and your support is keeping MOD Darling going.

 7. If it is in your interest to be a part of fashion as a career, I will gladly write you a letter of recommendation for anything. I can also be used as a reference for your experience.

Disclaimer: MOD Darling reserves the right to change the guidelines of the Ambassador Program at any time. I plan to expand this program as the brand grows so that I can offer even more incentives for your effort and time. Any guidelines that are changed, will be given to you, and will not affect the current month, but will go into effect the next month. Ambassadors will still be responsible for return shipping on any items they order and wish to exchange. Any Ambassadors that take advantage of the program will be removed. MOD Darling reserves the right to remove anyone from the program at any time for any reason. Ambassadors who aren’t holding up their end of the deal will no longer be permitted in the program. Ambassadors reserve the right to leave the program at the end of any month. Ambassadors must complete the guidelines throughout the month we are currently in if they have redeemed discounts. Anyone who doesn’t complete their guidelines throughout the month, will not be welcome into the program the following month. I also understand that life happens, so I just ask that you communicate with me and keep me in the loop.

Thank you so much for applying to be a part of the program! If you are accepted, I know you will represent the brand in a positive, unique, stylish, and fun way. I am very firm in what MOD Darling stands for, and I know you will take great care of your responsibility as a MOD Darling brand Ambassador. I am so blessed to have your support! Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you again, I truly appreciate you!

Please fill out the link below, confirming your acknowledgement and agreement to this document and application into the MOD Darling Ambassador Program. After that is completed I will reach out to you personally.