About Us

MOD Darling Boutique is founded on the fact that all women are beautiful and can be styled to look fashionable, classy and dignified. We believe age and size are just a number and neither of them define you. As women we are stronger together and MOD Darling aspires to create a community of women who build each other up. When women support other women, AMAZING things happen. 

Our purpose is to inspire you to feel confident about who you are. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder and we want you to see the true beauty you hold within. 



Meet MOD Darling's founder and fashion lover, Bethaney. Bethaney has always dreamed of owning her own boutique and is excited to finally see that dream come true. A fun fact about Bethaney is that she absolutely loves to travel, she has been to 12 countries and plans to visit many more! Bethaney believes in surrounding yourself with beauty, whether it be clothing, travel, your home, the outdoors or the people around you. Beauty comes from within and the perspective you have on your surroundings. She believes if you seek beauty you will find it.  

A Note from Bethaney

Hey Girl, I'm so glad you are here <3

I can't wait to get to know you better. This boutique is meant to be so much more than a clothing store. My vision for MOD is to create a community of women who empower, inspire and support each other. We can definitely do this with clothing but we all know confidence and beauty is so much more than just what you wear. I encourage you  to join our MOD Darling VIP page on Facebook to be a part of this growing community, meet the team and meet other women who are there to inspire! I want to hear about what you love and what we are missing email me anytime at moddarlingboutique@gmail.com. 

Girl it's time to start shining like the fine diamond you are!